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the instrument and its tradition

Bandura was a formative part of my music education, and has become a meaningful part of my artistic practice.

The instrument itself is a large harp-zither whose origins can be traced back to the 1600s in Ukraine. Sonically, it resembles a harp and a lute or mandolin, and can be played as a solo instrument, or as accompaniment to a vocal part.

As a fourth generation bandurist, I am thrilled to be able to include the bandura's unique sound, this piece of my family history, in my repertoire. 

At this time, I offer bandura lessons over Zoom and in person. For more information, contact me by completing this form. 


Photo by Micah Gleason

Ukrainian Art Song, "Evensong" by Kyrylo Stetsenko.

Bandura arrangement by Teryn Kuzma

Вечірня Пісня

Bandura has a long history and diverse repertoire. Watch the video to the left to hear just a small sample of the instrument's sound. 


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